Y4 Architect project day

Year 4 started the new term with an exciting opportunity to collaborate on a project which required them to use all of the 8Cs!  We were lucky to be visited by an architect, Ms Khatoon,  for Bahrain Women’s Day. The pupils were very interested in her job and asked great questions to find out how she comes up with ideas and translates these into plans for a finished building.

Ms Khatoon set Y4 pupils a challenge to plan and model a town of their own. Pupils learned about drawing a plan view, they considered the types of buildings and services which would be needed in their town, as well as transport links, leisure facilities and open spaces. After planning, pupils then modelled their towns – we learned that this is a vital stage for architects before spending time and money on the actual building work! Pupils enjoyed working across classes and were eager to present their ideas to each other and Miss Shanee. It was also a great chance to understand more about the planning and building of our new school, Miss Shanee told us it took nearly 8 months to agree the final plan so that it was the best possible school we could have. They agreed that craftsmanship, critical thinking, creativity and confidence were really important in completing their challenge.