Teacher Feature – Mr Kyle

Teacher Feature – Mr Kyle.



Briefly describe your journey as a teacher.


Both my father and grandfather were teachers, which is why as a teenager I decided to pursue a career in anything other than teaching. Having graduated from university, I began working as a manager for a large sports retailer. However, I soon realised that this was not the right career path for me and began to appreciate that teaching was something that I inherently enjoyed. I completed a number of different sports coaching badges in swimming, football and basketball, with the hope that I would be able to switch career paths at some point.

In 2013 I moved to Bahrain to teach English as a foreign language, before finding a job as a sports coach for St Christopher’s School Sports Academy (SPARTA). At this point, I was finally able to merge my enjoyment for teaching and sharing knowledge, with my love of sport. I completed my PGCE in Physical Education at St Christopher’s Senior School, before moving to Nadeen the following year. I have just recently completed my Masters (MSc) in Sports Coaching.


Why did you decide to specialise in your chosen area?


I have always been incredibly passionate about sport, competing for multiple teams and clubs from a young age in a variety of different sports. To this day, I still enjoy competing in as much sport as possible, playing football, Gaelic football, Thai boxing, squash, tennis and padel at every opportunity.

I get a great deal of satisfaction from passing on my experience, knowledge and love of sport to others. To be able to inspire young people is something I find incredibly rewarding. I believe that sport contributes to a well-rounded individual and helps to develop life skills. I thoroughly value supporting young athletes to discover their individual strengths, while encouraging a wider understanding of how physical activity can positively influence other areas of their lives. Years of participating in sporting activities has given me confidence in other areas of my life, and I value the chance to give others an opportunity to gain from this balanced lifestyle.


What makes Nadeen such a unique place to work?


Lovely teachers, amazing children, a fantastic environment for children to learn in and we have a farm! (Need I say more)


How would you describe a typical day at Nadeen?


I am particularly lucky because everyday is full of fun, excitement and enthusiasm. Children come into PE lessons eager in anticipation for what they will be learning that day. It is a joy to watch the children practising their different skills intensely and to see themselves improving gives them a wonderful sense of achievement. Our focus is on developing sporting skills, but also on teamwork, work ethic and sportsmanship. Every lesson ends with an opportunity for children to nominate another classmate who they feel deserves a special mention for that lesson. This always ends the lesson on a positive note and provides a way for children to recognise each other’s accomplishments. I am so excited for the opportunities the new building will provide for our community.