Teacher Feature – Miss Nicole

Teacher Feature – Miss Nicole 


Briefly describe your journey as a teacher.


During my studies in psychology and educational development, I developed a profound interest in the field of education. Following the completion of my degree, I decided to gain practical experience by working as a teaching assistant at a secondary school. This invaluable experience not only solidified my passion for education but also revealed my aptitude for teaching. I decided to return to university to further my skill set and gain a Postgraduate Certificate in Education. Over the past 9 years, I have had the privilege of imparting knowledge to countless students and have had the responsibility of leading music and organising musical events that have provided a platform for students to showcase their talents.


Why did you decide to specialise in your chosen area?


I chose to specialise in KS2 after years of teaching and witnessing the growth and development of children. I began to realise the key years for shaping their identities and fostering independent thinking were during the junior years. It is in these years that children start to form their own opinions, gain confidence in their abilities, and begin to discover their unique interests and talents.



What makes Nadeen such a unique place to work?


Nadeen is an exceptional school that truly values holistic development in children, recognising the significance of nurturing their emotional and creative aspects alongside their academic growth. Additionally, Nadeen aims to instil a sense of purpose in students by making meaningful connections with the community, emphasising the importance of empathy, compassion, and understanding. I believe these qualities play a vital role in shaping well-rounded individuals who are equipped to thrive in today’s interconnected world.


How would you describe a typical day at Nadeen?


A typical day at Nadeen is a vibrant and engaging experience for children. As soon as you enter the school, you will witness the buzz of creativity in the air. Children can be seen enthusiastically engaged in various activities. Collaboration is infused in every aspect of their day, with children working together on projects, problem-solving activities, and group discussions. Most importantly, the children exude happiness and joy throughout the day, as they are nurtured and supported in an inclusive and encouraging atmosphere.