Teacher Feature – Miss Kate

Teacher Feature – Miss Kate.



Briefly describe your journey as a teacher.


I am very lucky to say that my journey as a teacher has been at Nadeen. I began working at the school in 2012 and completed my teacher training through a UK university while working at Nadeen. I have been teaching for 10 years and there has been no year the same! Each year I continue to grow as a teacher and each year I learn and develop further and I am thankful to have that opportunity.


Why did you decide to specialise in your chosen area?


Working with children has been my dream since a young age. Supporting and caring for their emotional needs and building a strong rapport with students is something I am driven by. It brings me such joy to ensure that students have a positive experience not only in the classroom but outside the classroom too and to ensure that they develop not only as a learner but as compassionate, caring, and supportive people too.


What makes Nadeen such a unique place to work?


The students. The students make Nadeen a unique and wonderful place to work. Having worked at Nadeen for 10 years, I have met so many special students. I remember all the friendly faces, the kind words, the enthusiasm, and curiosity in their learning, and their compassion for others.


How would you describe a typical day at Nadeen?


That is a tricky one! Every day is always different with so many different opportunities. A few things are for certain, though, the morning starts with a warm greeting from Javeed at the gate followed by several ‘miaows’ from the number of feline friends who also call Nadeen their home. You can tell when the gate opens as the laughter and chatter begins to pour through the buildings. Excited and curious students enjoy their different lessons throughout the day and there is always a warm, joyous hustle and bustle wherever you are in school.