Student Voice Series: Being Safe on Bahrain Roads

Student Voice Series: Being Safe on Bahrain Roads by Inayaah in Year 6

Roads are being congested and constructed all over the world. We should be careful of what we do before we do it. We should look at our surroundings before we take a turn. People around the globe are getting terrible, petrifying injuries and accidents.

One of the causes of getting injured is when people’s attention is diverted somewhere else but in driving you should pay lots of attention. Another one of the causes is speeding. People do not know what they are doing and make their cars go above the speed limit.

Many countries have this problem but what I’m talking about is a country named Bahrain. Its roads are altering, narrowed, and congested due to places being renovated and new bridges being built. Bahrain reached 85 deaths or 2.02% of total deaths in 2020 until now because of road accidents.

Please be careful of traffic conditions in Bahrain or any other country. If you are ever going to be driving just think about….

    • Where are you going?
    • What are you doing?
    • Are you speeding?
    • Are you following the rules?

What I suggest for Bahrain is that the government should put up bright neon signs so that anybody who’s driving can see what is going on and more big sign boards (especially near construction areas). 

If you are following all of these rules, then everybody will stay safe and protected on the road.

Thank You!

Inayaah Nauman 6.2