Science Fair 2023

Annual Science Fair


This year saw the biggest number of entries we have seen so far for the Science Fair! So many students were eager to share their experiments this year and explain their scientific knowledge.

The students were asked to send in a proposal of their experiment, and what it was they wanted to investigate. They had to provide a clear and detailed write-up including the following: 

  • Aim
  • Prediction
  • Hypothesis
  • Variables/constant
  • Materials
  • Procedure
  • How they made it a fair test
  • Results
  • Conclusion



‘I love science and learning about space. I enjoy telling lots of information about space to people’

-Omar Alreefi 2SM

‘In the Science Fair I can earn more house points. I love looking at other students experiments. I  leant so much in the Science Fair’

-Manal Hassan 2HC

I liked all the students experiments and I loved explaining my experiment to all the students and parents’                         

-Jeevika Surjit 3SP

‘You know everyday a lot of food gets wasted so I thought I could use food waste to make something so I made energy out of waste’  

-Aisha Sameer 4HS

‘Last year we did the DNA of a strawberry and we wanted research some more and come with a better and more creative idea. We decided this year to compare the DNA to coriander’

-Mahmood Hamza 7SA

These write-ups were collected by House Leaders and alongside the House Captains, they chose 12 entries per house to represent them at the Science Fair. This was a big decision to be made to ensure that there was a range of different experiments for each house and by the sheer volume of entries, to whittle it down to just 12 was a tough task. The House Captains and Leaders gave their reasons and announced the chosen experiments. 

The participants then had two weeks to prepare their displays. They could show the experiment itself on the day and give a live demonstration, they could include photos and videos of them completing the experiments and they could also show their findings through a write-up. 

The morning of the Science Fair arrived and the students were so excited to find their house and their tables to begin setting up for the day. There was a wonderful buzz around the school as students were getting ready to present their findings. There was a huge range of experiments that included chemical reactions between bicarbonate of soda and a variety of liquids, testing the density of water, showing how osmosis works using gummy bears, testing the effects of soap and hand-sanitizer and the importance of their use, using liquids to make giant bubbles, and even a model to show the importance of sea walls as a way to slow down erosion to our coastlines, and more! The students were all able to speak about their experiments, their findings and conclusions, and why they chose to investigate their chosen experiment. It was clear that all students thought deeply about their projects and really embodied the mindset of a scientist. The level of scientific language was outstanding. Students from Year 1 to Year 7 demonstrated the 8cs and showed how far their scientific thinking has progressed this year. 


‘The Science Fair was an absolutely fabulous event this year.  The standard of experiments demonstrated by our students was outstanding. I believe it is a wonderful event that engages students in learning new facts. It develops in them many of our 8Cs and provides a platform for the students to use their scientific knowledge while allowing students to work together in groups and learn from each other. Great work everyone!’  Mr Gerry. 


Students will find out who the overall house winner is next week in assembly. Thank you to everyone who supported this brilliantly successful event that the students loved and showcased such fantastic scientific knowledge.