Professor Deborah Eyre – Nadeen School

Visit from Professor Deborah Eyre.


This week, we were delighted to have a visit from Professor Deborah Eyre.

She is a COBIS board member, Founder, and CEO of High Performance Learning.  She is in the Middle East to talk to schools, governments, and a key speaker at events.  We were thrilled to invite her into our school, enjoy a student-led tour of our campus, discussion with a group of teachers and then a visit to the new school in Dilmunia.  Our Head Boy (Majd) and our Lead Mentor (Mia) showed her around our current school.  This was a great opportunity to see our students in lessons, meet teachers and to find out more about the school.

It was fascinating to discuss research-based areas of education and recent pedagogical studies, leading to a conversation on our plan as a school and how we will develop our students growing into an all-through school.  Believing that students can achieve their dreams with our support and encouragement, some may take longer than others is a big part of our philosophy as we continue to demonstrate a love of learning, a growth mindset and the power of Yet!

Finally, we travelled up to the new campus, had a tour of the site and were impressed with the recent developments and ongoing hard work that continues around the clock in Dilmunia.  It is such a pleasure to show off our new school campus with visitors to our community and this adds to the excitement of our plans in the future!  We all believe in offering the highest quality of education to our students and we look forward to our next meeting with Professor Deborah Eyre.

She is someone whom I have had met previously several times and is inspirational in her views of education.  She has worked with school leaders, teachers and advised governments and educational foundations in the UK, Hong Kong, South Africa, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, USA and Singapore.  As a global educational leader, we look forward to working with her in the future.

It’s been a fantastic term so far at Nadeen School and we are so very proud of our students, staff and parents in our very special community.