Parents NetFest 2024

Parents NetFest 2024 by Miss Kate

Students, staff, and parents from the school community came together for a spirited netball tournament that fostered camaraderie and friendly competition among each other. 


After not playing netball since term 2, it was great to be able to use my skills again and play against parents and teachers.

–  by Lola, Year 8


Teams were formed, mixing different age groups and roles within the school, creating a lively atmosphere of teamwork and unity. The tournament was not only about showcasing skills on the court but also about building connections across different parts of the school community. 


Surprisingly, as a debut netballer, I had the best experience as a goalkeeper. It was so enjoyable to be part of a team with staff, students, and parents.

–  by Ms Jen Browne, Nadeen School Parent



Cheers and encouragement echoed through the Sports Hall as teams battled it out, displaying sportsmanship and mutual respect. A total of 10 games were played where all teams were able to play each other before a final match was played. 

Amidst the exhilarating matches, laughter, and shared experiences, the event served as a reminder of the bonds that tie the school community together beyond the classroom. Whether passing down the court or cheering from the sidelines, participants embraced the spirit of the game.


It was fantastic to see our staff, parents, and students all participate in a friendly competition amongst the community.

– by Mr Matt Rees, Head of PE


The final match was played between the top two teams to battle it out to be the overall winners of the inaugural Nadeen School NetFest. Despite the title at stake, the competition remained friendly and the other teams supported from the sidelines. Team 2 was crowned champions and we are already looking forward to next year’s rematches!