Nurturing Creativity and an Appreciation for Art

Nurturing Creativity and an Appreciation for Art by Miss Rien

Secondary students were invited to participate in the Al Riwaq Art Space children’s art exhibition at the end of last term. Students from Years 7 to Year 9 submitted works of art which ranged from paintings on canvas, watercolours on paper, and sketches on card. Pieces were all of various sizes and included different mediums and themes. Some of the work on display depicted contemporary still life scenes, whimsical animals on canvas, sketches, landscapes, and botanical portraiture.


Nature has a way of making us feel alive and connected to the world around us. When we embrace it, we find peace within ourselves.

Lila de Prat Gay, Year 7 regarding the theme for her painting


The Al Riwaq Art Space selected six students from Nadeen School to have their work exhibited in December. From December 1st to December 10th, the artwork of Lila de Prat Gay (year 7), Alex Ramirez (year 7), Vera van Herk (year 9), Mayan Al Rahma (year 7), Layla Altajer (year 7) and Denica O’Kelly (year 9) was displayed for view by the local community.


I felt proud of myself for having my painting on display. It took me two weeks to create my painting because I had to do all of the leaves and flowers which took a long time. I felt happy and honoured to be selected.

– Mayan al Rahma, Year 7


Along with submitting pieces for the recent COBIS art competition and Al Riwaq Art Space exhibition, students in Secondary had also created programs and ticket designs for our Festive Fair and Festive Concerts. Nadeen School is constantly finding many opportunities to showcase their artistic talent.



Al Riwaq Art Space is a non-profit art gallery that offers exhibitions of local creatives and artists on the island. We are honoured to have had the opportunity to participate in their inaugural art exhibition, which has allowed young artists at our school to further their exposure and connections with the local community.


It was wonderful to have my art selected for the exhibition at Al Riwaq Art Space. It was even better knowing that people would appreciate my hard work and effort that went into my art piece.

– Denica O’Kelly, Year 9


Being a part of this local exhibition has helped our students gain exposure and we look forward to working with Al Riwaq Art Space again in the future as we continue to develop our art department, nurturing creativity and an appreciation for art and design.