Our New Head of Early Years

Our new Head of Early Years.

Dear Nadeen family,

I hope that you have all had a wonderful summer. A warm welcome back to our new school year! 

I am delighted to introduce myself not only as one of our nursery teachers but also as the new EYFS leader. 

I am very excited that I, together with our very energetic and enthusiastic Early Years team, will be continuing to develop the new Early Years curriculum. Our goal is to develop the children’s learning experiences and to push the boundaries of being an excellent department. 

Have you ever tried something new or mastered a new skill? Did you feel the satisfaction, enjoyment and accomplishment of achieving a new goal? That feeling is what we see every day and what we teach children in every moment of their learning. Children thrive off completing simple tasks independently, and that is what we want from our little learners; children who love to learn, think independently and take pride in being a part of the Nadeen team. Through play, new experiences and enabling the children to guide their own learning, we create opportunities for children to grow their imagination and encapsulate the 8Cs in our learning. 

We have already made such great steps in developing the new Early Years curriculum, and I look forward to continuing the excellence of the Early Years department at Nadeen. Over the last few years, as a school and as an Early Years team, we have faced challenges which we have not only overcome, but the children thrived through their learning journey. Our amazing little stars have shared and excelled through social distancing, learning to socialise and share through computer screens and adapted to every change that has come their way. This year, the Early Years department is enthusiastic about change, more exciting learning opportunities and fewer obstacles! Our opportunities are endless, and we are thrilled!

I look forward to welcoming new and returning parents and children in the next few weeks! 

Kacey Greig

Head of Early Years