Nadeen’s Got Talent!

Nadeen’s Got Talent! by Miss Kate

Nadeen’s Got Talent is an annual student-led event that always drums up a huge amount of enthusiasm and opportunity for students across the school. This year was no different! On Thursday 30th May, we saw students share their talents on our Performance Theatre staging. The show was a whirlwind of creativity and skill, showcasing the diverse talents of our students. 

From heartwarming musical performances to jaw-dropping dance routines, each act brought something unique to the stage, captivating the audience from start to finish. The atmosphere was electric with excitement and anticipation as students put everything into their performances, leaving everyone in awe of their talent and dedication.

This event was led by our fantastic students! The School Council across both Primary and Secondary ensured the event ran seamlessly. The presenters spoke with clarity and confidence throughout the show, the scorers tracked the judges, and the backstage crew ensured the students were ready to perform, and that they had all their additional props. They did an excellent job and should be extremely proud.




I was nervous to perform on stage and share my talent but I was also a little bit excited. After my act, I felt very proud of myself.

by Jiyul, Year 3


After each performance, our panel of judges assigned a score out of ten and provided feedback. It was evident that the judges were blown-away with the performances from the students, which was reflected in the feedback they gave. 

We extend our thanks to the judges who had the challenging task of evaluating these performances. Their expertise and impartial judgment ensured a fair and rewarding experience for all participants. Their insightful feedback and encouragement will undoubtedly inspire our students to continue pursuing their passions and honing their talents.




The standard of talent from the Nadeen School students was out of this world. I loved the variety of talent on the stage and I am so proud of all the students displaying their talent with confidence.

by Miss Lauren, Head of Primary


Congratulations are in order for all the students who took part in the talent show, as each one showcased their exceptional abilities and brought joy to the audience. A special round of applause goes to the winning house, whose combination of outstanding performances truly stood out among the rest. The hard work, creativity, and dedication of the students has not gone unnoticed!

The final rankings revealed that Tylos came in fourth place, Aradous in third place, Dilmun in second place, and the winners of Nadeen’s Got Talent 2024 were Awal, for the second year running!