The Planet Protectors Pave

The Planet Protectors Pave The Way For Environmental Awareness – By Ms. Rien

“I like being a Planet Protector because I love to help nature and help teach others how to take care of the environment.” – Selena, Year 3 Planet Protector

The Nadeen School Planet Protectors have developed and led eco-minded initiatives throughout the year, collaborating to keep their school and community clean and free of waste.  

Part of their efforts in highlighting the importance of reducing and recycling waste on the school campus was featured in a student film which was recently selected as a joint runner-up in the Key Stage 1 & 2 COBIS Eco Film Awards. 

The Planet Protectors were humbled by the news that their video was chosen among 39 entries from 36 schools around the world. They were also excited to learn that Nadeen School was the only school in Bahrain to be recognised in this competition for its dedication to sustainable education. 

”I feel proud to hear that we won second place. We worked really hard at making this video and we are excited to put it on the website. ” -Sadie, Year 4 Planet Protector.  

The dedicated team, which includes staff and students, created the 2-minute video explaining the process of how composting is carried out at Nadeen. The judges in this competition, The National Association for Environmental Education (NAEE) were pleased with Nadeen’s positive way of addressing a real-life issue. 

“This informative film told the story of the school’s composting of food waste. The project addressed a real issue by a practical strategy resulting in useful outcomes (compost for plants). It was straightforward and effective. The involvement of school hens as part of the strategy was good to see, as was the incorporation of shredded office paper.”


Nadeen School Planet Protectors look forward to continuing their efforts in educating the Nadeen community and expanding their presence as they move to the new Dilmunia campus. Students are excited by the additional opportunities the new location offers for community outreach and empowering their peers to take action towards making a difference on this beautiful island of Bahrain. 

“We look forward to cleaning the beaches in Dilmunia and helping save the environment. ”-  Angus, Year 4 Planet Protector