Nadeen School Shines in Arabian Celts Gaelic Football Tournament

Nadeen School Shines in Arabian Celts Gaelic Football Tournament by Mr Gerry and Mr Phil

On Friday 10th November, two teams from Nadeen School showcased their Gaelic Football skills at the Arabian Celts Gaelic Football Tournament in Saar. The students displayed talent, sportsmanship and school pride throughout the tournament. Over 180 students from many International Schools participated in the event. Nadeen School had 22 players at the event. The players enjoyed playing matches from 3pm to 7pm in a brilliantly organised tournament.

The under 10 team was called the Nadeen Wolves and the under 12 team was called the Nadeen Wolf Pack. Throughout the day the players demonstrated their commitment, dedication, and incredible skills. Their playtime training and hard work paid off as they showcased their enjoyment of this traditional Irish sport.

As a result of their hard work in the 7 a side matches, the players were rewarded with achievement medals, symbolising their talent and commitment to the sport.


Playing Gaelic football was so much fun! I loved kicking the ball and playing for Nadeen. I can’t wait to play Gaelic again and make my team proud!

Emmet, Year 2 




It was so much fun playing in the tournament. I play with the Arabian Celts but it was great to play with Nadeen. I really enjoyed winning the match!”

Fionn, Year 4 was delighted with the tournament


The Arabian Celts Gaelic Football Tournament has ignited a passion for the sport within Nadeen School’s young athletes. Their performances have left them eager to take part in future Gaelic Football tournaments, where they can further showcase their skills and experience the thrill of competing with other talented teams. 


It was my first time playing Gaelic, but I had a blast! My teammates were amazing, and we all supported each other. I can’t wait to learn more and grow as a Gaelic player.

Malek, Year 6 





Playing Gaelic football taught me the importance of teamwork and dedication. It was a challenging but rewarding experience. I’m excited about future tournaments and showing our opponents what we’re capable of

Nasser shared his feelings from the day.


Nadeen School, alongside its supportive parents and teachers, looks forward to continuing its journey in Gaelic football and inspiring more young talents in the future.

We want to take this opportunity to thank the students for their efforts at the event. We would also like to express our gratitude to the staff and parents who acted as supporters throughout the day. Hearing the Nadeen Roar drove the students to put in brilliant and brave performances throughout the day. A huge thank you to Mr Matt who helped coach the players and offer tips and insights throughout the day. A special thanks to Hannah Elson Photography for capturing such brilliant sporting moments. 

Finally, a very big thank you to the organisers of the event, the Arabian Celts. 

Go Wolves!