Nadeen School Shines at Bahrain Choirfest: A Behind-the-Scenes Experience

Nadeen School Shines at Bahrain Choirfest: A Behind-the-Scenes Experience by Miss Agnes and Mr Tom

Nadeen School had the honour of participating in the prestigious Bahrain Choirfest held at the Cultural Hall, showcasing their exceptional talent in front of an audience of approximately 300 attendees. This event brought together 15 different choirs from various parts of the region, all vying for the spotlight in a celebration of music and culture.

For the students of Nadeen School, the experience of participating in the Bahrain Choirfest went beyond simply singing on stage. The behind-the-scenes protocol provided them with a unique insight into the world of professional performances and the meticulous planning that goes into organising such an event.


My favourite moment of Choir Fest was when I was standing on the stage singing. I could feel the excitement rush through me as I opened my mouth to sing loudly. I was happy to show off my singing skills to the audience. As I waited behind the curtains, I could feel the rush of excitement through my veins. I felt both excited and nervous.

– by Jeevika, Y4


On the day of the Choirfest, the students were filled with a mix of excitement and nervous anticipation. They arrived at the Cultural Hall early in the evening, ready to go through the final rehearsals and preparations before the performance. Backstage, there was a buzz of activity as choir members in their uniforms checked their music, and warmed up their vocal cords.

The atmosphere backstage was electric, with students exchanging words of encouragement and nervous laughter as they awaited their turn to take the stage. The sound of other choirs warming up in nearby dressing rooms added to the sense of camaraderie and competition that filled the air.


My favourite part was that I got to sing with my friends on stage. I felt comfortable, happy and excited to perform, because the people were applauding. I felt really excited and grateful for this opportunity. I didn’t feel scared at all.

– by Miranda, Y5



When it was finally time for the choir to perform, they stepped onto the stage with confidence and poise. Their voices filled the hall with melodious harmonies and powerful choruses, captivating the audience and earning them a well-deserved round of applause.

Despite the stiff competition from the other choirs, Nadeen School’s performance stood out as a shining example of talent and dedication. Their impeccable vocal skills, synchronised movements, and heartfelt expressions left a lasting impression on everyone present, solidifying their reputation as the best school choir at the Bahrain Choirfest!

As the event drew to a close, the students of Nadeen School basked in the glow of their success, completing the choral song ‘Circle of Life’ with all the choirs in attendance was truly a unique and magical experience, proud of their achievements and grateful for the opportunity to showcase their talents on such a prestigious stage. The Bahrain Choirfest had been a fantastic experience for them, one that they would cherish and remember for years to come.


My favourite moment was when all the choirs were singing the ‘Circle of Life’, because I liked how we all harmonised together in one voice. While we were waiting I was nervous but excited too. When we were on stage I was full of joy and happiness as we sang our songs and shared it with the other choirs, and at the end I was very jubilant that all the choirs united in the Cultural Hall.

–  by Maryam, Y5


In conclusion, Nadeen School’s participation in the Bahrain Choirfest was a testament to their hard work, passion for music, and unwavering dedication to excellence. Their performance was a true highlight of the event, showcasing the immense talent and potential of the school’s choir. This experience will undoubtedly inspire and motivate the students to continue pursuing their musical dreams and striving for greatness in all their future endeavours.