Nadeen School Science Fair 2024

Nadeen School Science Fair 2024 by Miss Sarah

On Monday, 20th of May, 2024, Nadeen School held its annual science fair in our brand new performance theatre. With preparations beginning early on the 19th, the atmosphere began to build as students started their set up for the fair. You could feel the excitement from the children and parents who came to support. Each house, Awal, Dilmun, Aradous and Tylos was designated an area in preparation for the house competition. New house banners clearly indicated each house. 


The important thing is to never stop questioning.

– by Albert Einstein. 


A little after 8 am, students began to arrive from their classes ready to present. Many students dressed to fit the part with their lab coats and safety goggles at the ready. Parents began to arrive and shortly after 8.30 am, year 1 made their visit to the fair. It was clear they were captivated by the high-calibre experiments this year. There was such a variety- from exploding volcanoes to rockets, electrical circuits to virtual reality, Newton’s law to magnetism, invisible ink to the science behind perfume. The array of knowledge and theories presented was outstanding this year. As each year group followed the excitement continued to build. We welcomed four judges to the event who had an incredibly challenging task this year. The judges examined each house’s entries and scored them under independence, creativity, scientific language, oral presentation, science write-ups and originality. This year’s house winners were Aradous. A huge well done. 



My experiment was all about White Light. I used prisms, flashlights, Newton’s Wheel and a homemade spectroscope. I refracted a beam of light inside a prism and magic happened. I created a beautiful rainbow!
Using Newton’s Wheel, I also demonstrated how the colours of the rainbow blend into white when the wheel is spun quickly. How amazing!

– By Bethany, Year 4


I never experienced anything like this in my last school. I loved seeing all the different creations.

– By Amelie, Year 5



The science fair is my favourite event of the year. It is a chance for students to showcase their talents and interests in science. This year was definitely the best year of entries with outstanding variety.

– By Miss Sarah, Science Lead and event organiser


I had the pleasure of judging the Science Fair again this year, I can honestly say, it was the toughest year yet. There were some fantastic projects that showed a range of scientific enquiry and the vocabulary and knowledge shared by the presenting students was excellent. They all showed confidence, critical thinking, resilience and risk-taking – key characteristics of High Performance Learning. Well done to all the students involved!

– By Miss Kate, Science Fair Judge


By the end of the 2.5 hours, it was clear that both students and parents were tired from all the excitement of the morning’s events. A huge well done and a massive thank you to all the students who participated – without you the fair would not have been such a wonderful success. To the parents, as always, thank you for your unwavering support. We look forward to an even bigger and better event next year.