Nadeen ‘Green’ Family Fun Run 2024

Nadeen ‘Green’ Family Fun Run 2024 by Miss Sarah

On Friday, 2nd of February, 2024, Nadeen School held its first-ever family fun run. This was a fancy dress charity event with proceeds being raised for the migrant workers society here in Bahrain. We had a fantastic turnout despite the windy start to Friday morning. We are thrilled to share that we raised just over 242 BD for the migrant workers. We cannot thank the staff, students and parents enough for their amazing generosity and support.


The smallest act of kindness is worth more than the grandest intention.

–  by Oscar Wilde


A little after 8 am on Friday moring, students and parents began to filter through the main gate of Nadeen School dressed in their finest green. Staff welcomed the run participants with energy and enthusiasm and donations began rolling in. A fantastic atmosphere developed in our playground area with students playing happily and parents chatting enthusiastically waiting for the warm-up to start. A little after 9 am, the run got under way starting with an energetic warm-up on the football field. Participants exited the side gate and started the run with a cheer. Staff support was phenomenal, with many team members lining the route and providing encouragement to the runners. We even had the smallest Nadeen family members join the run in their buggies. With one and two-lap options, there was a distance to suit all levels of ability. The smiles on people’s faces as they completed their laps were heartwarming, and despite the breezy weather, it was clear that students, parents and staff all enjoyed the morning exercise.


My favourite part of the run was seeing all the teachers encourage us to keep going and not give up.

–  by Yasmeen, Year 5



I really enjoyed the length of the run- it was just enough.

–  by Leo, Year 5


Once the main run was completed, we held a shorter toddler run for our little ones – one lap of the running track. Parents and staff cheered them on as they ran with determination to the finish line. To conclude our family fun run we shared some prizes for our best-dressed parents and students. Fantastic efforts were made by all to be the best dressed in green!

The team would like to thank our supporters and sponsors: Tamimi Markets, Naseej, the IDC, the Mall of Dilmunia and Impact Real Estate for their support and generous donations. We hope that this is the first of many family runs at Nadeen School.


It was such an enjoyable event to plan. The hard work and organisation that went on in the background was all worth it when you saw the smiling faces crossing the finishing line.

–  by Mr Gerry, Year 6 teacher and IPC lead