Matilda The Musical Update: Behind the Scenes of Our Spectacular Show

Matilda The Musical Update: Behind the Scenes of Our Spectacular Show by Mr Tom and Miss Agnes

As the month of June approaches, excitement is building in school as rehearsals for our highly anticipated production of Matilda are in full swing. 

Students and teachers alike have dedicated countless hours to bring this beloved story to life, with rehearsals taking place across all aspects of our school. From the Performance Theatre to the music room, and even on weekends, the commitment and passion from all involved have been truly inspiring.

The scenery and costumes for the production are also beginning to take shape, with students and staff working tirelessly to create a visual feast that will transport audiences into the magical world of Matilda. From intricate set designs to colourful costumes, every detail is being carefully crafted to ensure a memorable and immersive experience for all.



A special thank you goes out to everyone involved in the production of Matilda especially our cast and their families.

With all this hard work, dedication, and creativity things are definitely coming together! 

We are so grateful for all the contributions everyone is making to ensure this production is a success.

With each passing rehearsal, the excitement continues to grow, and we cannot wait to share this magical journey with our school community and beyond. 

Please do look out in the coming week for the release of tickets to attend this spectacular!

Here’s to a spectacular performance in June!