Maths Theme Roundup

Term 1.1 – Maths Theme Roundup (Weeks 1 -8)

For the first half term this year, the focus has been on Maths at Nadeen School.

The first block theme of the academic year was Mathematics here at Nadeen. We believe it is a great way to start the year, as the applications of Mathematics can be seen quite easily across the whole curriculum.  So let us take a look at what children have been doing during this time.  Students in Year 7 led treasure hunts in the playground,  challenging children with their application of maths across different age groups. Children in Early Years enjoyed looking at patterns where they used body percussion and used natural objects around them to recognise number patterns.

Buddy classes collaborated: Children in key stage two modeled their mathematical knowledge and understanding to scaffold the thinking of children in Early Years and in Key Stage One.

Some children even performed magical maths tricks for their buddy class. Children truly became ‘mathemagicians’!

Teachers set brain teasers and code-breaking activities for early morning challenges in order to get children thinking mathematically at the start of the day.


Huge enjoyment was had as a result of STEAM Week. Children became engineers and made some brilliant bridges out of spaghetti! Children used multiplication facts to create some Spirolaterals.

During the Maths theme, children have been introduced to NumBots and Times Table Rockstars. NumBots is suitable for Early Year and Key Stage One. Children play with fun robots whilst practicing their counting and number bond skills. Times Table Rockstars is becoming incredibly popular at Nadeen and supporting children to recall number facts at speed whilst listening to rock music. Just three minutes a day, every day will help your child improve their fluency in numbers. Congratulations to the children in Year 5 and  Year 6 who have been awarded certificates for achieving the rock status,  ‘Rock Legends’. Children must be able to answer questions at an average speed of under 2 seconds.



We have our first Rock Hero at Nadeen. This is the most prestigious award where children are able to answer multiplication and division questions at an average speed of under one second. The first award goes to  Oggy Simeonov. Well done Oggy!


By Bonnie Martin-Jones

Maths Lead




Our Themes at Nadeen School, are used to create opportunities for our students in various areas of the curriculum.  These are focused over an entire term and may include activities, competitions, projects, presentations, practical activities and much more! We hope you enjoy reading our ‘Theme Roundup’ at the end of each half term. The themes are Term 1: Maths then PE, Term 2: Languages then English, Term 3: Humanities then Creative Arts!