Language Block Roundup – The World of Languages

The World of Languages


The theme for the first half of the Spring term 2023 is Languages. The Nadeen community has students and teachers from different countries and backgrounds. There are 29 different languages spoken at Nadeen School and in order to celebrate the multicultural aspect of our school, we have dedicated 4 weeks to share and appreciate the importance of learning various languages with classwork, playground, and morning activities. 


Benefits of learning a different language

Learning a new language is fun and exciting. It also has wonderful benefits for children at school and in life. Below are just a few of the many positive side effects of becoming bilingual.

  • Keep the brain active and healthy at all times by improving cognitive skills
  • Be able to solve Maths word problems and perform well in your academic assessments
  • Become a better friend to others by understanding different cultures around the world
  • Expand your career opportunities

Language Theme Activities

In the 4 weeks, Nadeen school has engaged in different activities to celebrate the various languages in school. Alongside the in class activities, here are some of the highlights that the whole school was involved in.


Morning register

All class teachers were encouraged to greet their students while taking attendance by saying “Good morning” in a different language and students to greet them in return.


Words and Phrases in different languages

Every morning, a new word/phrase was written in English on the white board boxes which are placed in the play areas. During the play time, teachers were encouraging students and adults to attempt writing these words in their own languages and/or the languages they may have learnt. 



Each week, a new song in a different language was introduced to the whole school. Students were to learn the song in class and record themselves singing it to make a collage of their singing and show it in the international week assembly.

In conclusion, Language learning can be a fantastic adventure, both inside and outside of school.


“Knowledge of languages is the doorway to wisdom.” – Roger Bacon

We look forward to celebrating languages more at Nadeen School in the future!