International Week – 2023

Our International Week has been a huge success! We have been able to truly immerse ourselves into our rich and diverse culture here at Nadeen School.


The celebrations began with a student led parade showcasing our National dress. One of our Y7 students, Yasmina, opened the parade with an incredible speech that explained her own background and views on celebrating diversity and the importance of this for our world and making it a better place. A speech that had the listeners captivated throughout. 

All students and staff from Nursery through to Year 7 in the school walked around our playground waving and smiling to a sea of happy and proud parents. There here started the appreciation of just how many nationalities, countries, and cultures are represented at Nadeen School. 


Over the course of the week, each class spent time understanding one another’s cultures and countries as they shared stories about their own country. The younger students were able to look at globes and world maps to locate their class countries. Some parents came in to share traditional stories from individual countries. 

Each class from Nursery to Year 7 chose a country to learn about. It was important that no student came from that country in the class so that every single student embarked on a learning journey and learned something new! Classes found out facts about Japan, Thailand, Germany, South Africa, Portugal, Italy, and many more! At the end of the week all the learning was presented in a special International Exhibition along our walkway affectionately called ‘Catepillar Alley’. We showcased art, flags, written facts, videos, and even some tasty treats. 

Year 7 led our assembly this week and of course, this was themed with an International twist. We understood the importance of celebrating International Week and what it means for us at Nadeen. We were even treated to a traditional Indian dance. An important message was shared with us all:

  • We need to accept diversity
  • We need to include nationalities
  • We have to respect individuality
  • We are all different yet we have to be treated the same
  • We should respect one another.
  • We are all perfect the way we are!

We ended our international week by celebrating our annual international food fair. The PTA planned a spectacular food exhibition where different countries showcased a variety of local food and beverages alongside a beautiful display of items that represented their country. We played different cultural music and watched as the parents gathered in groups to showcase their dances, a Greek zorba and an Indian Kathak dance. The students joined in with their parents on some of the dances creating lovely memories as they celebrate their cultures. 

“Thank you for giving us the opportunity to showcase a piece of home” – Year 2 parent


The PTA made over 450 BD at the food fair, 50% of which will be donated towards the Turkish and Syrian Earthquake relief.