Injaz Workshop in association with ESB International

The year 6 students completed an INJAZ Workshop called the Junior Innovation Camp. This was organised in association with ESB International.

Ms Shadah (INJAZ), Mr Ali Naser, Ms Wenjing Huang, Ms Batool Ebrahim and Paidi Moroney supported the students throughout the tasks.

INJAZ is a non-profit organisation established in 2005. Their mission is to prepare the youth and young students to lead the world tomorrow.

Mr Ali informed the students, “In this innovation workshop, we will learn the spirit of entrepreneurship and learn how entrepreneurs think and grow. By the end of the day, you should understand and apply a range of entrepreneurship skills such as social communication, working to a deadline and problem-solving.”

The workshop aimed to encourage students to foster an understanding of entrepreneurship by creating innovative solutions to challenges from the real business world.

The workshop was designed to fit the needs of students in preparing them for overcoming challenges. The activities tested the students on a variety of skills including: leadership, analytical thinking and presentation skills in addition to learning how to start a business.

Students were divided into teams and assigned a coordinator to each group. The students participated in a set of educational activities and recreational games as well as business challenges for which they had to find creative solutions. Each team demonstrated many of our 8Cs throughout the day. Highlights of the day included shared communication, fantastic cooperation and critical thinking- given a specific time frame and limited resources.

The activities included:

  • Bingo- Social Communication Skills

  • The Tallest Tower- Strategy and Planning Skills

  • The Drawing Challenge- Critical Thinking Skills

  • Final Challenge: Business Plan- Analytical Thinking and Presentation Skills


The Final Challenge was absolutely gripping- It was a real-world business problem! The students were tasked with creating an Events Company to plan for Bahrain Sports Day. There was a clear success criteria to follow:

  1. Create a company name

  2. Create a company logo

  3. List of sports events and entertainment

  4. Cost and Prices for the events

  5. Appealing and eye-catching Business Board

The students were fully engaged to beat the 30-minute deadline and present their business plan to the judging panel.

Medals were presented to the overall winners but we can very openly say that all groups were fully immersed in the activities throughout the day.


What a wonderful experience for our year 6 students!