Happy Birthday Nadeen School!

Happy Birthday Nadeen School! 45 years of learning, lessons and love.

We are very proud to present to you some wonderful poems written by our students!


A school that always brings

A smile to my face

You will always be my happy place

It’s Nadeen’s birthday why not spread some cheer?

The best moments are always stocked here

Let’s make it clear 

Our new campus is going to make it an exciting year!

Happy 45th Birthday Nadeen!


By Chiara, 6PB


When I arrive to school

I always follow my 5 strict rules

I take my bag and place it on the shelf

And sit on my chair 

I get into a pair 

And I work on my magic squares

I walk upstairs 

I always work with excitement and flair

And it’s hometime.


By Mayan, 6PB


Nadeen is our happy place, just listen to us at playtime having fun and laughing. 

The teachers are kind and inspiring.

Once a Nadeen student, always a Nadeen student, forever! 

We are like pineapples, crowns on our heads, stand tall and we are sweet inside!


By Siun 3SP


New experience everyday

Adventures in the playground

Ducks swimming in the pond

Enormous family

Everyone is caring and kind

Never ending memories


By Kristen 3RW


Nadeen is an amazing school with lot’s of kindness and passion

All the teachers and staff care about you and your education  

Doors are opened with many people welcoming you everyday 

Even friends help you solve your problems and make you smile  

Entering the school and feeling delighted for meeting others 

Nadeen is the greatest school and I wish it a happy birthday!


By Mahmood 7SA


My favourite thing about Nadeen School is how friendly it is! I love talking about football with lots of members of staff, too. 


By Hari 5KT


My favourite memory is definitely Festive Singing!

Kids singing, bucket drummers drumming, and voices growing exponentially.

We can’t forget the amazing ukuleleists playing the ukulele amazingly with nothing but pure confidence. 

Happy birthday Nadeen, hope it’s a good one!


By Sofia 6GA

We look forward to more birthday celebrations this year as we mark this important anniversary!