Future Learning Summit 2023

Future Learning Summit 2023


On the 24th of February 2023, some of the UKS2 students from Nadeen School in years 5-7, along with Miss  Amita, attended the Future Learning Summit (FSL) at St. Christopher’s School in Saar. It was an outstanding educational event, with global speakers and educators who described the importance of being future-ready in the modern world of learning. The all-day event was very well planned and organized, with lots of exciting activities to participate in and captivating presentations that made it a spectacular learning experience.   

The day started with a welcome note by the Principal of the host school who explained the itinerary for the day. The first presentation was an incredible Magic Show by a famous magician, author and speaker Joshua Jay, who amazed the audience with his splendid display of magical learning. He conveyed an important message to everyone through his fascinating display of magic:  ‘Never let anything stop you because if you don’t achieve it right now, you will some day’.

After the magical opening performance, there was  a variety of exciting and interactive workshops to choose from; these were conducted by highly qualified and experienced educators and speakers who were professional experts in the field of teaching and learning. From writing and digital story-telling workshops to managing anxiety with maximum potential, the endless options had the participants spoilt for choice. 

Furthermore, there was an enticing Incubator Hub: this was a whole event with lots of interactive activities based on racing cars and was in line with the Formula 1 which takes place in Bahrain every year. The theme of the iHUB was innovation and sustainability and students were encouraged to showcase their own innovative car designs and projects that they might have come prepared with. 

One of the most exciting moments was when Nadeen students had the opportunity to meet and greet with a famous Formula 1 female driver Martyna Al Gassab. It was a great experience to meet Martyna in person who talked about her life as a racer. She discussed the importance of an extremely healthy physical and mental fitness regime that she had to follow as a racer. She also stated that she had many challenges to face in life, but she overcame them and pushed through them all to achieve her goal. It was very inspiring to chat with a celebrity like Martyna, who further went on to give us a physical tour of a Formula 1 racing car which was displayed at the iHUB! This was certainly a memorable experience for the Nadeen students. 

After spending quality time at the iHUB, we chose to attend a workshop called Life’s a Pitch presented by Ms. Carrie Swift. At this workshop, we learnt about public speaking and discussed techniques to talk to an audience confidently. Ms Swift described how our nerves react when under stress and the significance of controlling our adrenaline levels from rising and affecting our performances and our tone whilst speaking in front of an audience.  

Next, we attended Radical Revision workshop, where we learned new ways to revise our work. Revision is a key part of learning that leads to improved grades and better performance. Revision is a technique that helps the content to stay in the brain so that we are able to mentally print it back out again and physically write it down. It was interesting to know that by using the revision technique, the grades are guaranteed to go up by 1-1.5 on average or 20-30%.  

Finally, we attended the Future engineers workshop in the last session. It was with Mr. Daniel Hill; he explained all about engineering and new robotic materials that are slowly taking over our daily lives and connecting them with technology. He stated that robots are getting smarter and engineers and scientists are working on innovative inventions that could take over simple chores in our lives, such as turning on the coffee machine or taking out the laundry. Mr. Daniel also introduced us to a new software called ChatGPT; it is a software that can do absolutely anything from writing emails to doing homework and much more. 

The Future Learning Summit was a modern educational experience where we learnt all about preparing ourselves for the exciting and innovative learning in the future.   


Wafa Almoataz