Dilmunia – Breast Cancer Awareness Walk

Very proud to support this event.

On Saturday, October 15th at 4pm, a group of Nadeen Staff joined the annual, Dilmunia Breast Cancer Awareness Walk.  It was a very enjoyable, informative and important event that brought together people to raise awareness for this essential cause.  The starting point for the walk was at the Tamimi Market, at the Mall of Dilmunia and started with a presentation of the significance of the walk, information about breast cancer and a group warm up for everyone taking part.

Then we all took part in the 1.5km walk together!

Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign at Mall of Dilmunia

For more information about Breast Cancer, click here.

As a school, we were very proud to take part of this event, raise awareness to help others and we very much look forward to the next one!