Collaboration at Nadeen School

Creating ‘Collaboration’ at Nadeen School.

This year we are so excited to once again be able to enjoy activities with students collaborating across the school. At Nadeen, all classes are ‘buddied’ up with another which ensures that older classes pair with the younger classes so that they can gain positive role models, support and friendship from the older students.  Working collaboratively and bringing the school together is an incredibly valuable experience.  The younger students thoroughly enjoy learning from the older students, being guided by them, and looking up to them across the school.  For the older students, they have the opportunity to lead by example, and gain a sense of responsibility guiding students through the collaborative activity.  

The benefits of children collaborating across ages are vast.  Students develop higher-order thinking skills, communication skills, self-management, leadership skills and responsibility.  Additionally, students have exposure to and an increase in understanding of differing perspectives. Socially, students are able to better interact.

Year 7SA is buddied up with Year 2HC and both classes were so excited to collaborate this week with their first activity.  Students paired up across the classes so that they could read books together.  It was really lovely to see books being enjoyed by all, vocabulary being explained and children simply being engaged in the love of reading.  7SA and 2HC all said they would love to share this experience again and look forward to not only participating in further reading activities but also other experiences buddying up again as the year progresses. 

There will be many more exciting opportunities for all classes and their buddies to collaborate so keep an eye out for more of these fantastic experiences to come!