Celebrating Imagination and Creativity- COBIS International Art Competition 2023

Celebrating Imagination and Creativity – COBIS International Art Competition 2023 by Mr Phill B and Mr Gerry 

Art has always been a powerful medium for self-expression and creativity, allowing individuals to explore and convey their thoughts and emotions. Each year, the COBIS International Art Competition offers a platform for young artists worldwide to showcase their artistic talents and imagination. The theme for this year’s competition was ‘A Future to Be Proud Of’.

One of the inspiring entries for this year’s competition is Jessica McConnell’s artwork titled ‘The Green Living Cityscape.’ Jessica, a Year 5 student, skilfully depicted a futuristic cityscape intertwined with nature, symbolising the importance of sustainability and environmental consciousness. Jessica shares her thoughts on her creation.


I wanted to show a future where humans and nature coexist harmoniously. We should be proud of a world where we prioritise the health of our planet.

– Jessica McConnell, Year 5


The COBIS International Art Competition welcomed entries from students across various age groups, ranging from Early Years and Lower Primary to Upper Primary and Secondary levels. This diversity ensures a rich and varied collection of artwork, as each age group contributes their unique perspectives and experiences.

Even the youngest artists have participated in the COBIS International Art Competition, showcasing their boundless imagination. Maksim Zhigadlo, a reception student, created a vibrant painting titled ‘Superboy.’ For such a young student, he made a very poignant statement.


In my artwork, I am Superboy. In my future, we can all be superheroes for the planet.

– Maksim Zhigadlo, Reception 


There was some magnificent 3D artwork produced by Bethany and Selena in Year 4. They eloquently expressed the message they wanted their art to convey.


I made this COBIS art because I know people need to stop cutting down our trees to save the environment. If we don’t save the earth, the animals and people will be in danger. Save the trees please please, please!

– Bethany Cronje, Year 4 



I made the 3D biodome to show how important it is to protect our beautiful animals. This biodome has lots of clean oxygen and it won’t allow anyone to harm the animals. It will also be pollution-free!

– Selena Sultani, Year 4 


The students conveyed their artistic ideas using a range of artistic mediums. Entries were submitted in the form of art on canvas, 3D models, sketches, and paintings. The variety and innovative ideas all accurately demonstrated visions for a better tomorrow. Our budding Nadeen artists reflected upon their aspirations for the world and the positive changes they envision. Overall, the wonderful artwork submitted emphasises hope, optimism, and the potential for growth and a better world. We are truly fortunate to have such talented artists in our school.


I drew a picture of the sea because I really want to protect it and stop it from becoming polluted. In the future, I want all the fish to be safe and not have plastic damaging their health.

– Eamon Tor Lalley, Year 3



We were delighted that such amazing entries were created by our students. This competition is a brilliant opportunity for our young artists to compete internationally and showcase their talent.

– Mr Gerry shared positive remarks about the competition


To have such a wide variety of entries and artistic styles demonstrates how important this global theme is to our students. The entries have been genuinely fantastic. The students should be very proud of their efforts.

– Mr Phill added 


Ms Rien and Ms Stephanie also ensured our talented students in secondary school had the opportunity to enter the competition.


The KS3 students’ artwork demonstrates exceptional depth and symbolism through the use of colour, texture, and space.

– Ms Rien praised the effort and artistic awareness of the entries in secondary school


Joining the art competition made me really contemplate the world around me. I thought very hard, and realised that all of the bad things currently happening come from a very strong emotion; hate. either hating something or hating not having/being something.

– Vera Van Herk, Year 9


The Nadeen students selected will now compete against over 400 international schools from around the globe.

Everyone at Nadeen School wishes our students the very best of luck in the competition!

Mr Phil B and Mr Gerry