CCS Guest speaker- Psychotherapist

The students of Upper Key Stage 2 (Year 5 and Year 6) were very fortunate to have yet another guest speaker come to present to the classes. After the success of our Bahrain Women’s Day guest speakers, the students had another opportunity to meet with a professional. linked to our current CCS topic- Can I Embrace Fear?

Ms Anna Bolanowski (mother of Bernard and Leonard), who is a trained psychotherapist, spoke about taking care of our mental health and her role as a therapist. There was very insightful information discussed. The students showed a wealth of knowledge during the session and were intrigued to learn more about the topic. The students shared many excellent coping strategies we can use in order to deal with everyday stressors. It was a really meaningful and worthwhile experience for all involved.

Some of the everyday stressors that cause anxiety mentioned by students were:

  • Academic Testing
  • Being Late for school
  • Presenting in front of large audiences
  • Cyberbullying and the Impact of Social Media
  • Peer Pressure

The students very maturely shared coping strategies for how we can counter these stressors.

Some of the positive strategies shared were:

  • Listening to music to stay calm and focused
  • Planning Ahead
  • Asking for help
  • Speaking to friends and family
  • Exercise and Healthy Food
  • Doing your favourite hobby

It is very important for our students to be informed about Mental Health Awareness and the most effective coping strategies that work well for each individual. The presentation was in-depth and interactive. Ms Anna stated, “There is ALWAYS a solution to a problem- even when you can’t see it straight away! Coping strategies help to reset our nervous system. By activating our senses we can overcome anxiety”. This was such detailed and helpful information.

A huge thank you to Ms Anna for taking the time to present to our Upper Key Stage 2 students. Meeting professionals and hearing real-life experiences helps our students to apply information learned in class.