Boys Football Fixtures

Boys Football Club fixture @ St Christopher’s


A fantastic first term of football for our boys year 5-7 football club culminated in an opportunity to test out their skills against St Christopher’s development squad. For many of the boys, this was their first ever experience of competitive football, and for others, a chance to showcase many of the skills acquired during coaching sessions and to act as supportive teammates to those less experienced. 


The boys arrived at St Christopher’s excited and raring to play, if not a little apprehensive. After a quick warm up, the boys were split into three teams of 7, the ‘Whites’, the ‘Dark Greens’ and the ‘Light Greens’, with all three teams playing against each of the St Christopher’s teams. All three teams went undefeated throughout all of the fixtures, with the ‘Whites’ winning two and drawing one, the ‘Dark Greens’ winning one and drawing two and the ‘Light Greens’ winning all three of their matches. 


All of the boys played exceptionally well and worked tremendously hard in each of their teams. All three teams were a credit to Nadeen School for their enthusiasm, their will to win, their teamwork and their sportsmanship. All of the boys involved should be extremely proud!


Mr Kyle and Mr Matt are already looking ahead to next term’s football club, where they hope to get even more boys signed up and provide more opportunities for competitive football.