Bahrain Women’s Day – 2022

Bahrain Women’s Day- Year 6

On Thursday 1st December, we celebrated Bahrain Women’s Day. Year 6 students were very fortunate to have two engaging guest speakers.

The workshops were aimed at showing successful and empowered women from different professional backgrounds. It was a fantastic opportunity to hear about their insight and work experience.

“Study hard, work at whatever makes you happy and you will never get bored.” And also, “Don’t work to survive- Work so that you are remembered!” were two lovely quotes made by the inspiring speakers.

Ms Mai Mattar, a Consultant Radiologist (mother of Wafa in Year 7) spoke about her role in Medicine. She discussed the years of study and the amazing opportunities she has had working in her dream job. She also told us a secret- she was a former student at Nadeen!

It was a very interactive workshop as the children were able to examine scientific models of human bones and X-rays. How incredible!

Ms Aysha Abdulla Alzaeb (mother of Khalid in RLH), a Family Counselling Specialist, spoke about positive communication and conflict resolution. It was brilliant to discuss how speaking and listening to our family, friends and professionals can support us in our busy lives. She gave many positive examples of how to deal with challenges.

The children were very attentive, respectful and very engaged in both sessions. The students had a ‘Lucky Dip’ question and answer session with both speakers after their presentations. Many thanks to both ladies for sharing their insightful knowledge with our students and informing them about their fields of work.

It was a great learning experience. We are sure that many of our students have a newfound interest and awareness of your professions. How inspiring!