Reading from space

Miss Abigail’s thought for the week: Story Time From Space

Do you have a child who dreams endlessly about space?  About being an astronaut?  Do you talk about space and what Earth looks like from above? Ever wondered what it’s like on the International Space Station?  This week, Mr Adam H discovered this very cool website which features lots of videos of real astronauts, in space, reading quality children’s books.  From the window behind them, you see the Earth spinning by, or parts of the ISS.  It is so fascinating!  Most, though not all, of the books are to do with space, or rockets, or astronauts or other planets and they would be so exciting for space lovers to watch (although, I defy anyone not to be fascinated by it).

When you stop to think about it, it’s also fairly mind-blowing to think about the concept of stories from space.  What must it feel like to be those authors, knowing that their book is being read outside of our planet? Could they ever have imagined such a thing?  If your kids grow up to write books, where could they end up?!  What fun to imagine!  What journeys in the mind could be travelled this weekend…  To infinity and beyond!