Miss Abigail’s thought for the week: Perspectives

This week, we had an art exhibition in the music room, hosted by the children in Miss Lizzie’s KS2 art club.  It was a wonderful body of work and a real celebration of what these children have produced this term.

There were many beautiful pieces but I was particularly struck by one picture – see photo below – by Joe El Kara, in 5M.  Miss Lizzie had read them The Dot, by Peter Reynolds (which I recommend, by the way!) and the children had been given a selection of circular pieces of paper, of different sizes. Children were invited to fill their dot with anything they wanted, using any medium they wanted.  My point is this: every time I look at Joe’s dot, I see something different.

We all have different views and perspectives and sometimes we even have different perspectives on the same thing.  It may well be that what Joe intended to show in his picture is not what I actually see, or vice versa.  And art does that. It can polarise or unite; it can inspire or anger; it can calm or invigorate. Most of all, everyone will interpret it slightly differently.

It’s good to remember sometimes, that we don’t always see things the way they are intended and that we need to have our eyes – and perhaps our hearts too – open to what other people are trying to communicate to us.

So…what do you see in Joe’s picture? Feel free to tell us in the comments below!