One of our 8Cs is CRAFTSMANSHIP. This means taking the time and effort to work and rework something until it is the very best work you are capable of producing.  This could be a piece of writing, or a picture, or the perfect dive, or a penalty kick, or a scale in C major, or a speech – anything at all that requires practice and care.

Here are a couple of great examples of developing craftsmanship in our school.  Lola in year 2 has been practising her handwriting and you can see quite a difference between her handwriting in September and her handwriting in November.  This has taken a lot of practice!  Dylan in year 6 has been working on his drawing skills, to produce an anatomically accurate drawing of the human heart.  You can see that it took several drafts to get to his best work.

The key to craftsmanship is not to be satisfied with anything but your best and to be prepared to re-work what you have done until it is right.  It is also really important to take the advice / criticism of others in order to improve your work.

This short video is a great example of this:

This is an interesting article on craftsmanship from the Educating Ruby blog: