Welcome to Nadeen School

We provide a caring, nurturing, and stimulating environment.

Nadeen School, established in 1978, has always been a holistic, child-centred, emotionally-driven school with a strong focus on academic and pastoral development. The 400 children from over 50 countries remain front and centre of every decision we make. Our initiatives are all centred around asking the question: “What is right for the child?” As the only non-selective outstanding school in Bahrain our student body includes children of many different levels and abilities; we firmly believe that every child has the right to an education that is designed to suit their needs. Our motto “Small School – Big Family” perfectly encapsulates our ethos and approach. Children attend the school from Nursery to Year 6 and we have over 70 full time staff and additional support staff mainly from the UK, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, America, and Canada. Our mix of nationalities and cultures makes us a truly international school with respect, tolerance, and appreciation of each other central to our beliefs.

Please see Learning at Nadeen to understand how we teach!


Nadeen School has always had a holistic approach to education. This means that we focus on and develop all aspects of the child and treat each aspect with equal importance. We want our children to grow and develop their emotional, creative, social, imaginative, spiritual and physical sides as well as their academic and intellectual sides. We also instill in our children the importance of finding their own identity, meaning, and purpose in life through connection to their community, the natural world and through encouraging personal and collective responsibility.


We have four buildings on our campus containing classes and designated activity rooms for Library, Dance, Drama, Music, IT, Language Support, Learning Support, Activities, and Gardening. We conduct PE and Sports lessons in the British Club, and use their big indoor sports hall and outdoor tennis courts throughout the year. Our school buildings are surrounded by gardens and three large playgrounds, most covered by UV sun protection shades. We have a large area for tricycles, bikes, water play, and free play, as well as large climbing structures, seating, and quiet areas. We also conduct lessons outside in different outdoor learning spaces and have independent learning and exploration areas for the children to use. During the cooler months we encourage the children and parents to help us in the garden by planting flowers, adding to our compost bin, and taking care of our chickens and ducks. We also have picnics and snack time in the garden when the weather permits.