IPC and Science Theme Wrap-Up

IPC and Science Theme Wrap-Up by IPC and the Science Team (Mr Gerry, Miss Sarah, Mr Joseph, Miss Farrah, Miss Suzanne, Miss Charlie, Miss Hala, Miss Karlien, Miss Lorraine, Miss Dana & Mr Phil W)

The theme for the first half of the Summer term 2024 was IPC/Science.  Our IPC/Science theme block was a fantastic block of learning for students with a variety of activities and events taking place over a six week period. For the IPC/Science events, the IPC/Science team members again went with the idea of theme events/weeks. These theme weeks further boosted the number of opportunities our students have had in these topic areas. These weeks have had positive impacts on our students and their learning journey this term. 

Theme Events Weeks
Week 1-Art Week
Week 2- Earth Week
Week 3 Geography Week
Week 4-  History week
Week 5 and Week 6- Science Fair and Science Week

Art Week:

In order to foster an international and artistic mindset, pupils across the school were assigned artists from a wide range of techniques, countries and styles. For Reception, this meant learning more about Giuseppe Arcimboldo, an Italian artist renowned for using fruit and vegetables to make faces. Year 1 and Year 2 studied Esther Mahlangu who uses bright and bold Ndebele tribe patterns to create her art. Further up the school, Years 3 and 4 researched Aboriginal artist Ronnie Tjampitjinpa while Years 5 and up studied digital artists. 

Students then created their own versions of Edvard Munch’s ‘Waves Against The Shore’ in the style of their assigned artist. It was fantastic to see so many budding artists creating and sharing their work virtually during the learn-from-home days. 


I loved learning about different artists from around the world. I didn’t know artists could use such big patterns and I can’t believe she painted them on houses and cars!

– by Viransh,Year 2 


Earth Week: 

Students actively engaged in our Earth Week project. With the theme Planet vs. Plastics, Students looked at the health risks of plastics, advocating for the rapid phasing out of single-use plastics. Our students researched information and displayed their findings on posters. Additionally, they explored Earth Day quizzes to deepen their understanding of environmental issues. Students in KS1 and EYFS completed stunning Earth-themed artwork.

Earth Week was a week for all of us to pause and reflect on the state of our planet. It was a week to recognise the problems we face and take action to protect and preserve our Earth. This year, students across the globe have come together to learn about the environment and pledge to make a difference.


Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the World.

– by Nelson Mandela


Well done to our Year 6 students who presented their Earth Day projects to their parents as part of their IPC Exit Point ‘Earth as an Island’. Together, they prepared, designed, and delivered an outstanding presentation to raise awareness about this year’s theme and ways to help our environment.


I really enjoyed making projects for Earth Week. I put lots of effort into my project. I learned that plastic pollution increased from 8 to 30 million tons from 2000 to 2019. I really enjoyed sharing my information with my parents and how to save the environment. I really enjoyed performing my Earth Day song to my parents.

– by Bernard ,Year 6



Geography Week:

Students started the week by celebrating Arbor Day. They searched the campus for the saplings which were planted the previous year and discussed the different trees growing around the school grounds. Students learnt songs to recall the continents and oceans of the world, they thoroughly enjoyed performing to their peers.


It was great fun looking for the tree I helped plant last year, the avocado tree has grown so much and it is now planted in our playground. I couldn’t see any fruit growing, maybe next year.

– by Giulia – Year 2 


The Secondary students analysed deforestation and took on perspectives from different individuals to debate their opinions. They also read blogs on the Woodland Trust website and celebrated the mixed climate, wildlife and ancient civilizations by conducting research.


History Week:

Children participating in a Science and IPC learning theme were treated to an exciting journey through time, focusing on history and developing their skills in chronology. The week-long program aimed to help them identify how schools have changed over the years. The children’s enthusiasm soared as they delved into a variety of captivating images and engaged in purposeful discussions.

Immersing themselves in the study of history, the students eagerly explored the evolution of education. Through analysing a diverse range of images, they pieced together the chronological puzzle, unravelling the transformations that have shaped their school life today. 

One of the highlights of the learning week was the opportunity to test their knowledge during a Kahoot quiz about schools through the years. With their curiosity piqued, the children discovered the stories behind the photographs, sparking thought-provoking discussions guided by their teachers. This enabled them to develop critical thinking skills and ask insightful questions about the past.


We got to journey through time and learn how schools have changed over the years. We looked at old photos and had really interesting discussions about how schools have changed.

– by Jason – Year 6 


As the week concluded, the students left with a newfound passion for history, enhanced chronological skills, and a greater understanding of how common items and places have evolved. This engaging Science and IPC learning week not only allowed the children to connect with the past but also empowered them to see the world around them through a historical perspective.


Science Fair:

Students from across the school participated in this year’s science fair. It was fantastic to see students as young as reception all the way through to year 9 get involved. With over 120 outstanding entries this year, house captains had a tough decision when picking the final entrants. The level of experiments on show without a doubt surpassed previous years. From experiments on Newton’s law of motion, electricity, invisible ink, exploding volcanoes, perfuming making, magnetism and rickets to name but a few. Such fantastic variety. 


My experiment was all about White Light. I used prisms, flashlights, Newton’s Wheel and a homemade spectroscope. I refracted a beam of light inside a prism and magic happened. I created a beautiful rainbow! 
Using Newton’s Wheel, I also demonstrated how the colours of the rainbow blend into white when the wheel is spun quickly. How amazing!

– by Bethany – Year 4


There was a brilliant buzz and energy from start to finish as we welcomed students and parents to the fair. Well done Aradous on being crowned house winners!



Nutty Scientists:

From Sunday the 19th of May to Tuesday 28th of May primary students were very excited to attend the Nutty Scientist in City Centre. Each year group got to experience a different science focus and got to watch a fantastic science show at the end. It was wonderful to see our students engaging with hands-on science in an extremely fun way.

Students got to participate in observations and senses, magnetic magic, light colour and action, leavers and balances and electricity throughout their sessions at the Nutty Scientists. 


I enjoyed going on the bus with my friends and getting to make a catapult to show forces in action. I really enjoyed the science show at the end.

– by Salma – Year 5


The IPC and Science team members would like to say a massive thank you to all the teaching staff for their encouragement and support throughout the theme block. Students enjoyed the diversity of activities across the IPC and Science Theme where they were encouraged to think creatively and solve problems in innovative ways.