Learning at Nadeen

After School Activities

Extra-Curricular School Activities

At Nadeen School, we believe that After School Clubs can help to enhance a child’s learning and enjoyment at school. It can help children to acquire and develop new and existing skills and can expose children to activities that they may not otherwise encounter.

Early Morning Club/ After-School Care/ Stay and Play

Early morning club runs from 7.00am-7.40am to assist parents who cannot bring their child to school at 7.40am. After school care is offered to younger siblings who wait for their older brother or sister to finish school. These wraparound care clubs are based on a stay and play system and are more of a care service as opposed to a structured activity-based service.

After School Activity Clubs

We like to have as much variety and choice available as possible and like to include sporting, academic, artistic and creative clubs in our selection of after school clubs. Clubs in the past have included:

Art Club / Art and Design Club


Architecture Club


Fun With English, Maths and Science
Gardening Club
DIY Club
Music Clubs
Cooking Club
Jewelry Making Club
Knitting, Art and Crafts
Homework Club
Language Clubs (Irish, Spanish, Russian)
ESL Club
Mad Science
Sports-Based clubs
Business Club